The paragraphs contain your argument, description, or analysis. Each paragraph or a set of paragraphs combining to form a complete thought, from the background information to evidence and analysis. As you move to essays that allow you to talk about issues and topics in detail, you will find that the 5-paragraph structure that you have been using so far in your high school doesn’t convey the depth and completeness of the thought.

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Writing the body paragraphs while working on the draft, or revising the essay, you have to make sure that the paragraph organization facilitates your flow of writing and the content. You also need to make sure that each paragraph conveys ideas and arguments in a coherent fashion, while also making sure that the paragraphs hold and deal with a single theme. This theme can be conveying an idea, providing background information, presenting an analysis, etc.

Even though advanced essays give a lot of freedom to the writers in styling and organizing their main body, they should make sure to keep it organized and connected throughout.

Organization of the paragraph essays

The paragraphs go under a lot of iterations as the writer tries to find the best position for each stream of thought. The paragraphs usually are placed with the important most paragraph or idea coming first. The writer over the course of the essay review process may omit some paragraphs, slit them, or merge a couple into a single one, depending on the volume of text and the content of the paragraph. All write my paper requests are processed fast at 5staressays.

In college essays, you don’t have to follow the traditional 5-paragraph essay. Most of the essay paragraphs are there for the convenience of the reader and can separate different parts of a complete thought. For example, the background information into an idea can take a different paragraph altogether, especially in lengthy paragraphs. You should, therefore, lose the fetters of the rigid 5-paragraph structure taught to you in your school education, as it was only there to assist you with the writing while letting you concentrate on your critical and analytical thinking.

Maintaining the coherence within and between the paragraphs

Each thought in the paragraph should connect to the one that comes prior to it and those that follow it. You should never burden the reader with complex analysis and ideas at the beginning of the paragraphs, instead, you should use the connecting thoughts and ideas to gradually cover the subject matter and raise the complexity of the conversation gradually. This will allow the reader to grasp the ideas more easily. Are you looking for someone to write essay for me? If so than send request along with essay requirements to our 5staressays team.

At the beginning it is normal for you to use transitioning words and sentences to show various relationships between sentences and paragraphs, words such as therefore, however, but, as stated, etc.

Keeping the paragraphs uniform

Having said that each paragraph should talk about a single topic, not each paragraph should have a specific topic spearheading it. It’s better for both the writer and the reader if the writer finds a way to split a lengthy paragraph maintaining coherence between them.

However, when you present your main ideas to the reader it is useful to use some of the traditional essay forms such as the topic sentence, warrant, etc. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t split your paragraphs into several paragraphs, as long as the structures are prominent and there is a visible connection between the paragraphs. All write my essay queries are processed quickly.

Don’t be afraid to give the reader white space between your salient ideas, as it keeps the readers from reading on, as compared to long and dense paragraphs which takes much effort for the readers to go through.

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