Essay research is integral to the essay writing process. Honing your research skills will come in handy when writing academic essays. At the college-level, you are expected to consult scholarly papers and articles for evidence and information. Students in their school-level education are accustomed to taking help from popular sources such as blogs, books, etc. A college education, however, requires you to quote and use authoritative sources.

Students not accustomed to research papers and journal articles approach the research without a plan and end up seeking research help from a paper writing service online. They either get bogged down by the volume of information or end up reading the wrong or inadequate sources.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you will soon find that it is best to rework the technique and take help from other writers and use the techniques and the methods they use.


Here are many ways that you can tackle your research for the essay effectively.

1. Understand the prompt

The essay prompt usually gives you the overview and the context of the essay topic. The task word or the action verbs also reveals to you what you should look for in the research e.g. evidence to prove, opinions to justify, information to analyze, etc. If you don’t understand the prompt your research will go away. All ‘write my essay for me’ queries are processed fast.

2. Read the background information through a specialized encyclopedia

Instead of using popular sources such as Wikipedia, use subject-specialized encyclopedias to get scholarly background information, produced by an authoritative source. This will provide you with in-depth information and resources.

3. Brainstorm your ideas first

Brainstorming your own ideas before further research will help you come up with novel ideas without the fear of reworking others’ ideas.

4. Read through the reading list

If you are given a reading list, it is best to go through the specific readings before expanding into other research. The instructors, who deem the sources in the reading list important, will reward you if you demonstrate a full understanding of the material in your essay. If you’re looking for a custom essay writer than send request at 5staressays.

5. Use a search engine or a database that you are familiar with

When you expand your research to other sources it is better and the fastest approach to look for specific research through a database that you are familiar with. This will speed up the process and give you the momentum for when you decide to expand the research.

6. Make use of the Abstracts, Indexes, and Conclusions

Never read research from start to finish. Instead read the indexes, the abstracts, and the conclusions to see if the research includes the information related to the subject. This can be evidence, information, or analysis.

7. Narrow down your to-read list

Furthermore, you should skim and scan through the papers. This is by going through the introductions, the starting lines of the paragraphs, and the ending lines, etc. to get an overall idea of the content of the paper. Keep ones that specifically talk about your subject matter.

8. Narrow further by evaluating the references

The references of the sources should be checked to see if they are authoritative, in case they are not then you should discard such papers that lack authority.

9. Use effective note-making

Note making throughout your research will make sure that you have understood the overall picture of the research when you go over the notes. Set aside evidence, arguments, opinions, and statistics separate from each other with references recorded too. At 5staressays, all write my essay queries are processed fast by our professional content writing team.

10. Use Reference management software to manage your references and citations

Zotero, Mendeley, and Bibtex are reference management software that can manage your research and its sources. Make sure you make full use of the tools as they make the tasking process of organizing the references much easier. 

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